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Due to the COVID-19 situation, it has been decided to postpone and/or cancel certain upcoming events.

February 2021

Feb 26 Fish Fry
  $100 Party Tickets on sale

March 2021

Mar 2 Assembly Meeting at 7:00 pm
Mar 9 Council Meeting at 7:00 pm
Mar 17 $100 Part Drawing at 8:00 pm

Red Cross Blood Drive

Volenteers are needed at the Red Cross Blood Drive. If you can help for 2-3 hours contact Gary Bendall for more details

Grand Knight's Corner

Get your tickets before they're gone! $100 tickets on sale now in the K of C Lounge.Stop in Wednesda thru Friday 3-9 pm to pick one up OR get 3 tickets for only $200

This virtual drawing will be held on March 17th at 8;00 pm

Chicken Dinners

We are looking into different options on how to bring back the Chicken Dinners. Please stay tuned.

Field Agent Message

Soon you’ll be receiving your 2020 Fraternal Survey, if not already. Separate and distinct from the council fraternal survey, this survey is designed to help members update the Supreme Council on their information and circumstances, so that the Supreme Council can - in turn - advise them of the member benefits available to them that they may not be taking advantage of.
One of the benefits of membership that I think is most important and most underrated is the simple benefit of having a relationship with a brother Knight field agent. Unlike my commercial counterparts, I share a common bond with you. We’re brothers! And, as such, my primary focus is not to make a sale or close a deal, it’s to help you determine what protection you and your family may need. My job is to help you identify solutions that work best for you, period.
So as a Knight, you can meet with me as often as you’d like. I can use some of our cutting edge software and tools as well as my own experience, to start exploring your financial situation, or your retirement, and present potential solutions for you and your family to consider. I can help you customize a plan for protection that is specific to your circumstances and your budget.
I look forward to connecting soon. Vivat Jesus!
Brennan Hayden
Field Agent